Sunday, August 07, 2005

Robin Cook

Robin Cook has died rather suddenly, and this will have all sorts of short- and long-term implications for British politics. Undoubtedly he died before his time, and there was still a great deal he could have done.

One only speaks good of the dead, so it is said. Unfortunately I do not think that is entirely possible here. While certainly there are many good things that could be said about Robin Cook - amongst other things he was by all accounts a very committed constituency MP - there is also one rather large blemish. A man who came into government in 1997 brandishing an 'ethical' foreign policy left government supporting the continued tyranny of one of the more evil men of our times. Such an action was simply disgraceful, as has been his behaviour since, and from that particular point of view we are well rid of him. Uncharitable perhaps, but more honest that most of the tributes that have been submitted these last few hours.

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