Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Review: Flash by L E Modesitt Jr

Another offering from Modesitt, this one in a near future universe that I think is the same timeline as in Archform: Beauty and Octagonal Raven.

The form of this story follows more or less the standard Modesitt script: a hard-working man who wants to nothing so much as be left alone isn't, and all hell results. There are two subplot innovations into this well-worn, but still well written, plot-line. The first of these have to do with consequences - our hero has responsibilities other Modesitt heroes have not - and also an interesting little subplot about created life, both biological and artificial.

The book does being a little slow, and returns to that lethargic pace in places. This is not really a detraction - it is more evenly paced than some of his writing. The slower pauses are resting places along the tale's highway.

As ever, Modesitt is not what I would call great literature. It is pleasant entertainment. A good addition to his growing bibliography.

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