Thursday, August 11, 2005


Posting on Instapundit yesterday Michael Totten wrote of this piece:

Marcus Cicero remembers the Cold War and wonders if, somewhat counter-intuitively, we’re in more danger now than we were then.

To which I have to wonder, what is so counter-intuitive about that. My father pronouced to me back in 1991 that the world was becoming a more dangerous place, and really its obvious. MAD was the key-stone in the arch of global stability for nearly forty years. The problem was the left side of the arch had been poorly built, collapsed, and global stability went with it leaving the heretofore vital key-stone just so much debris. Change is inherently dangerous, as ripe with possibilities for good as it is crammed with opportunities for ill.

However, perhaps not everyone had a father (or friend) as foresighted as mine was to tell them that the starker truth of 1989. Besides, after the likes of Bosnia, not to mention 9/11 and subsequent events, it must take some really dedicated blindness to think that the world is a safer place.

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