Monday, August 15, 2005

Cindy Sheehan

I have not been following this ruckus particularly closely. Ultimately I think its worthless. Minds are generally too set now to change. In addition, with respect, Mrs Sheehan is just one mother. There are, unfortunately, over a thousand more who have had to say a final goodbye, and many thousands more who doubtless have a restless night wondering if there is going to be that fateful knock on the door in the morning. It also says something that it has taken over two years, and over a thousand mothers, for something like this to happen. I have no doubt her grief is real, but the way some try to use her to paint a picture is utterly contradicted by the situation.

Myself, I think Mrs Sheehan is probably sincere - I am not going to second-guess anyone when it comes to grief, having walked that road so recently myself. However, she is being blatantly used by those who, ultimatley, care nothing for her, her grief, or her son. They care only for their vendetta against George Bush. Vultures around the corpse of a dead calf show more compassion to the grieving mother.

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