Sunday, August 14, 2005

Appreciating pitching

When I first starting watching baseball, a little over two years ago, watching pitching was pretty much a mystery to me. Of course back then I didn't really know much about the difference from a sinker to a change-up, so that can be excused. Last year though I could not really appreciate a good pitching AB. More or less I had to rely on the commentators to tell me what was going on, whereas I could tell myself what the batters were doing, and brilliant fielding just spoke for itself.

Watching the Braves against the Diamondbacks last night it came to me that this year I have finally started to be able to watch pitching. No longer is it just a sequence of balls being thrown in the batter's direction. Now I can tell more about what is going on, see how the AB develops and appreciate what it is I am seeing. A very welcome development.

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