Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Not seeing War of the Worlds

This review by Donald Sensing over at One Hand Clapping has pretty much confirmed my desire not go and see Steven Speilburg's version of this tale I love so well.

I do think he contradicts himself at the beginning by saying that the movie's fealty to the book is detrimental, and then lists a couple of ways in which by not sticking the book weakens the movie. But basically, I have a hard time taking the idea the movie is loyal to the book when it transplants the story 100+ years and 3000+ miles. However it is Rev Sensing's comments about the lack of it being a 'war' in the second half of the review that clinches it for me. The whole business about a guy looking for his kids is just the icing on an already baked cake.

Sounds like too much Hollywood, and/or Saving Private Ryan with tripods. I didn't particularly like that film either. Felt it relied too much on its opening sequence to make up for what I felt was a vacuum of plot and acting thereafter (I realise other people hold different opinions on this). Rev. Sensing's closing remarks about special effects lead my thoughts there as well.

Oh well. One day perhaps someone will make a proper film of this wonderful tale. But from all I have heard (not just this review) this latest offering is not it. And I am certainly not intending on wasting my money to find out one way or other.

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