Saturday, July 09, 2005

Just evil part II

Over at Hear the Hurd Al offers some thoughts on my decision below.

I suppose I just want to elaborate, since I don't actually disagree with anything Al writes in his thoughtful (and somewhat lengthy) comment.

The fact that the terrorist evil that we face takes the guise of Islam does require addressing - in particular by the Muslim community itself. I personally believe that we can root this evil out, but if we do it from the outside the process will inevitably be less effective, more bloody, and take longer. The people who will suffer most will be Muslims, and that will be the price they will pay for allowing this evil to operate in their midsts. One should not sup with the Devil, not even with a long spoon. It remains a truth that through their co-operation and active help this evil will be defeated all the quicker, and with far less bloodshed. However, it is not our decision, and the Muslim community will have to bear responsibility for their actions and its consequences.

For all that, and for all the other issues/concerns/disagreements I have with Islam - which I will not bother to list - I refuse to let this evil infect my own view of Islam. It is a small defiance, a personal one, and only important in that scheme of things.

Al is certainly right Islam needs to reform. However, I'm not holding my breath.

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