Saturday, July 09, 2005

John Derbyshire in the Corner

Anyone who has read much of The NRO Corner the last couple of days will have seen John Derbyshire, imo, make an utter fool of himself. I know us Brits can be of a somewhat gloomy disposition, but he is really going for a record. He seems so convinced that we in the UK will fall to this evil that he has already convinced himself that nothing can stop it. It almost sounds to him as if our defeat is a given fact of the future, and he is merely morosely awaiting its realisation.

It was precisely this attitude that caused the post-imperial slump in the first place. Combating this attitude was one of the things that made Maggie Thatcher's period in office so important.

Over an event when one of the starkest messages of defiance came from Ken Livingstone, of all people, I sincerely hope John Derbyshire realises that there is not only room for hope, but a reasonable expectation that hope shall be realised.

Update: A further thought. Part of John Derbushire's depression comes from the fact he seems to think we gave into the IRA. Perhaps he should remember that the IRA currently have no authority in Northern Ireland, no do formers members, on account of the power-sharing bodies being closed down after proof of IRA infidelity. And by their own actions they raised the bar to the resumption of those institutions. That is called carrot and stick, and is part of all counter-terror options, where at all reasonable. The situation in Northern Ireland is far from perfect, but perhaps John Derbysihre should address what is current, rather than how bad he seems convinced it should be.

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