Thursday, July 28, 2005

The IRA Statement

This has the potential to be big. More - it has the potential to be real. If it is real, and if the IRA openly gives up its weapons (read: public destruction of the same) and truly abandons its war (read: cease criminal and espionage activities) then this is a very good thing. It would remain a very good thing even if quite a number of current members now drift to the other terrorist groups in Northern Ireland. Today's IRA is of course a split-off group in not totally dis-similar circumstances, and several more extreme groups have already formed from the IRA into their on groups.

Hope can be a fragile thing. We have grasped the olive branch before, only to discover thorns. Hope is eternal, and I hope that this time the two sides, which define themselves by religion, might finally take note of the words of Our Lord. Blessed are the peacemakers. Let us hope the following months will overflow with peacemakers to be blessed.

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