Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Home-grown suicide bombers

Which is increasingly look like the people immediately responsible for the attacks last Thursday were (BBC article). There are obviously a number of ramifications to this, not least is that hopefully it will be a kick up the backside of the Muslim community in this cuontry to the problem in their own midst. Hope is a cardinal virtue they say, perhaps because it is so often frustrated.

Of course, what the story above floats is an 'outsider' expert, which may well be why there has been a lot of noise about the guy in charge of the Madrid attacks, and would well explain the similarity if he was actually responsible for both.

On another note it appears that this story is set to enter in the mythlore of CCTV. While certainly anything that can add to the police's information is good each story like this reinforces the image of CCTV et al being a good thing. Nothing is for free, alas. But that is a fight for another day.

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