Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bombs in London

Regrettably the stream of bullets that we have been dodging for so many years seems now to have finally found some marks. We have been fortunate, but fortune does not last. We are looking now into the face of the same evil we have looked at many times before. And I have no doubt that we will face it down as we have done so before.

It would be easy to be angry at the bombers themselves, but they are simply tools. We must look beyond the mere perpetrators to the evil that drives them, twists them, and destroys their most fundmental birth-right, their own humanity. There is a failure of apprehension that it is simply this group or that one, this or that blood-soaked movement. It is to the deeper evil that we must turn a baleful glare.

And it is evil, and I only hope more people over here will begin to understand that now. The price of ignorance is far too high.

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