Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Being pointless at the G8

In the last few weeks I have read several times that the G8 Meeting is technically described as a conversation between the countries involved. I suppose it could also be described as a conversation between the G8 and everyone else. Conversations rarely produce great action, and certainly not immediately. The very word 'conversation' conveys something rather more sedate and laid back. These are not treaty summits, they are an exchange of views. Indeed, the G8 has no power to compel anything, and as such is a rather amusing target for the ire of the extremists who protest so violently at these events.

Of course, there are different sorts of protests. Live 8 was a form of protest after all, a demonstration. Most demonstrators and protestors at these events have far more important things than violence on their mind. They wish to take part in that conversation.

And then some loud drunken braggart comes into the room and starts shouting and waving his arms about, not caring whom he hits or what he damages. An idiot who does not realise that his antics regresses the agenda he supposedly supports. Nothing is more pointless, or counter-productive, at a meeting of the G8 than an anarchist protestor.

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