Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Lots of noise being made about President's Bush's comments on Yalta. Yalta is, along with Versailles, one of the most disasterous interntional summits in human history, for just as Versailles led to Hitler Yalta was the foundation of the Cold War and the post-WW2 Soviet Empire.

For Britain (since France was out of the picture at that point) Yalta represents the purest form form betrayal. We entered war with Germany, on the 3rd September, to protect the freedom of a nation called Poland. At Yalta, confirmed subsequently at Potsdam, we gave the Poles over to another 45 years of servitude to an Empire just as evil as the one we had just crushed. If that is not a betrayal, a betrayal of ourselves as much as a betrayal of the Poles, I do not know what is.

Now, it is quite possible that the post-WW2 division was the best that could possibly be hoped for. It may well be that the result of Yalta was simply the least evil choice of many infernal options. It still remains that Yalta (and the other WW2 conferences) led to great evil, and we in the West should not be proud of our history there. Even Churchill had his dirty slip of paper, the envelope on the back of which he basically divided Europe.

Remember this, it is the great shame of Churchill's memory, that cannot take away from all the great good that he did but acts as a stark warning for those of us who follow.

I simply do understand those who think that Yalta was anything other than the coffin of democracy and freedom in Eastern Europe for more than a generation.

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