Thursday, May 05, 2005


Well I was one of the first people to vote today at my polling station, as I tramped in at about 07:03 on my way to work. Voting in the local elections was easy, Tory over Lib Dem. The LDs don't, in my opinion, don't deserve a chance to further ruin Somerset (it is the Tories' turn).

That was the simple ballot. Then I turned to the General election ballot, and paused. I was very, very tempted to spoil it, in some sort of electoral distemper. The pencil hovered over the Labour mark, as Michael Howard's harping has made me even less enamoured of the Tories nationally, but eventually I marked that Tory box. While I would not be surprised if Taunton fell to the Lib Dems - it is a very close seat - I decided I didn't want to contribute to that. Plus the fact that I believe the Tories don't have any chance of winning nationally, so no guilt on my concience there.

I might well write a note to the Labour candidate though and thank him for standing, or something.

Anyway, now all's set for the Big Night. The Biq Question is, stay true to the BBC or apostasise to Sky News?

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