Friday, May 06, 2005

starting to flag

Well in the last half-hour I have started to feel really tired. I haven't heard anything yet of Taunton, whether there is a recount or anything. Unless matters change I am going to stay up for another half-hour, and then hit the sack. Got to go to work tomorrow after all!

Currently Labour have 289 seats, and the BBC is predicted a majority in the 70s, with about 200 Tory MPs and the LDs in the high 50s. About 420 seats in total are now in, so about two-thirds. It is of course the rural seats that take the longest.

My feelings at the moment are that Andrew Marr was right at the very beginning of the night - this is a night of surprises. The biggest surprise is probably some of the LD gains at Labour's expense.

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