Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Raw Spirit

I am currently reading this excellent book by Iain Banks regarding my favourite (alcoholic) drink - single malt whisky.

It is a book about whisky, but also about this pre-eminent British (Scottish) author, a semi-autobiography. It is certianly not a conventional book, more of a conversational ramble. For pro-war people like me his occasional diatribes against GWB or Tony Blair are irritating, and a perfect example of how otherwise incredibly intelligent people can be unbelievably stupid (while I find the pacifist opposition to the war understandable on some level I find the anti-American, specifically anti-Bush, point of view to be utterly insensible - which is the view to which to which Banks jettisons his brain cells and seeminly subscribes to). But ignore those, and you have an excellent portrait of Scotland, of whisky, and of why this man is simply one of the best British writers today.

Full disclosure: this entry was typed while under the influence of Isle of Jura and cask strength Laphroig. I can heartily recommend these two very fine malts.

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