Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A good example

As British readers will doubtless remember a few days into the election campaign Abigail Witchalls was left paralysed after being attacked and stabbed with a knife.

Today there are two articles on her, the first saying that she has began to regain some feeling - a very hopeful sign. As for the second article, let me just except the first line:

The husband of stabbing victim Abigail Witchalls has said her attacker needs help and insisted both he and his wife feel no anger towards him.

Another line, for a little further down:

Asked if he could appreciate that some people would find it remarkable he felt no anger, Mr Witchalls said: "Maybe it will come."

Today when people speak of justice what they often mean is vengeance. Forgiveness is, I feel, the hardest part of the Christian religion. Our anger is so important to us, it speaks to us of our perceived rights, of all that is precious to our selfish selves. It is a remarkable thing that these two brave young people feel no anger, and a remarkable example of how to approach these extreme and surely terrifying situations, whatever the particulars might be.

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