Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Election apathy

Over at TKS Jim Geraghty has a good series of posts on the general state of apathy in these elections (just scroll down). Unlike Westminster here in Taunton there are a fair few election placards. In general the Tories dominate the outskirts, and the Lib Dems seem stronger in the suburbs - according the placards anyway. I've also seen a few UKIP signs, but no Labour or Green party. As for the stuff that comes through the letterbox - and pretty directly into either the bin or the recycling box, whichever is handier - the Lib Dems and Tories have both stuffed me 20+ items, mostly multiples of the same, UKIP had delivered I think 4 times, and Labour has only managed the one deposit. The Green Party have not dropped off anything - is this because they are trying to save the trees I wonder?

In any event I'm absolutely fed up with it all. Charles Kennedy was apparently walking around Taunton yesterday. I didn't know, but equally I didn't care. Two people in my office were about in town at the time (yesterday was a Bank Holiday for us) and both mostly complained about the inconvenience. Likewise, although few people are fond of Tony Blair few people seem that enthused by Michael Howard or Charles Kennedy either.

Despite all this I will be staying up on Thursday night to watch the results come in. Of course, what I'll mostly be watching is the increasingly aged Peter Snow as he prances about in front of his swingometer. The first election I watched was 1992, and the BBC front team seems basically not to have changed in these 13 years. Perhaps they need to get a successor to dear old Peter otherwise they may soon need to be reaching for those grimoires on corpse-raising.

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