Sunday, May 15, 2005

Answer to a question

In a comment to a post below Rythin asks me:

At CIA Factbook, under 'Religion' headline they wrote:

Anglican and Roman Catholic 40 million

I am wondering how many of them are Catholics and how many Anglicans? Do you have such info?

Now, I'm making an educated guess Rythin means the UK entry in the CIA factbook, where the full breakdown religion breakdown reads:

Anglican and Roman Catholic 40 million, Muslim 1.5 million, Presbyterian 800,000, Methodist 760,000, Sikh 500,000, Hindu 500,000, Jewish 350,000 .
As regards the Catholics here is the information of the Catholic Church for England & Wales. That shows an estimated Catholic population of 4 million, with a weekly mass attendance of just under 1 million.

I can't find it at the moment, but it is generally thought there are probably more regular churchgoing Catholics than Anglicans, but as I recall the difference isn't very great. So on that basis there would be about 36 million Anglicans, with again about 1 million weekly attendance.

In both cases that 1 million under-estimates the number of regular churchgoers somewhat because it does not accurately count those that attend only 1-3 services a month, and especially not those who attend less often than that.

In any event I hope that helps to answer the question.

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