Friday, April 01, 2005

Christifidelis Laici

Christifidelis Laici was not the first Vatican document I read, but it was the first I really engaged it. I give warning it is VERY long. However, there was one paragraph that leapt out at me, one paragraph that simply said something larger than the subject matter and rung and echo in my soul (italicised emphasis original - underlined emphasis mine).

"The dignity of the person is the indestructible property of every human being. The force of this affirmation is based on the uniqueness and irrepeatibility of every person. From it flows that the individual can never be reduced by all that seeks to crush and to annihilate the person into the anonymity that comes from collectivity, institutions, structures and systems. As an individual, a person is not a number or simply a link in a chain, nor even less, an impersonal element in some system. The most radical and elevating affirmation of the value of every human being was made by the Son of God in his becoming man in the womb of a woman, as we continue to be reminded each Christmas."

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