Saturday, April 09, 2005

Charles and Camilla

I avoided coverage of the wedding like the plague.

Now, leastways so far as the UK is concerned, I am a monarchist. Indeed, I would rather trust the Queen (or Charles for that matter) than any of the three current party leaders. I like Charles, and have a great deal of time for him. I think he would make an excellent King. He remains stubbornly popular despite years of the press blackening his name, and this is probably because he's spent most of his adult life going around meeting people and forming good impressions, impressions that are not altered by the drivel that counts as news.

However, what with events in Rome I had no desire to watch this. It all seemed so very petty, especially since if the coverage was gonig to follow most royal events it would be mostly concerned with the colour of people's hats than anything else. No, it was not for me.

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