Thursday, March 17, 2005

Baseball and holiday

Last night I stumbled on NASN a Spring Training game between the Mariners and the Giants, and promptly all my rather vague plans for the evening got shelved as a I relaxed watching a very creditable ball game. Saw some good pitching, batting, and fielding (and two moderately ghastly fielding errors by San Fran).

The regular season can't come soon enough.

Also a couple of weeks ago I booked my flightly for my trip Stateside in the autumn - timed strategically so I could go to a ball-game. I highly recommend booking tickets 6 months in advance, and also paying in £s for an American carrier when the exchange rate is like it is now. Hopefully it will remain good when I get around to getting myself some $s probably in August.

In the meantime I'm rooting for Wales this weekend when they face the Irish in an attempt to do the Grandslam. If the Irish had polished off the French it would be the other way around, but ....

anyone who can beat the French is going to have my support.

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