Thursday, March 17, 2005


Rather amazingly abortion seems to have become something of a minor election issue over here in the UK. Michael Howard brought it up, but I basically don't trust him. I doubt he is at all sincere, and suspect all he really is trying to do is appeal to those people for whom the wanton murder of human life is a serious issue.

I am myself basically opposed to abortion on two grounds. One, I believe that life begins at conception (it all has to do with souls, and nothing to do with whether a foetus is, or is not, 'viable'). Two, I think abortion is one of those things about modern society that encourages people to think actions have no consequence, that trivilises human life. The end of that slope is where those who are seen as a burden to the state are killed off. That clinic in Holland is just the next step along that road - Hitler and all the other eugenicists out there would be proud.

Never happen some might say. Back in 1924 Hitler had had his few moments of fame too.

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