Monday, February 28, 2005

Passports and a held thought

Well I have just done the first step in renewing my passport ready for my forthcoming trip to the USA this autumn. And I am now £42 the poorer. I wouldn't mind so much except in a couple of years time I'll have to pay again to get a biometric passport. I don't mind biometric passports (I am rather sanguine about what rights we do and do not have in this country - hold that thought), but I do rather object to government's inability to do anything in a timely fashion. Forking out forty quite twice in two years (or more probably next time) for something that is meant to last for ten just irritates me.

As to the held thought - the politicians bitching loudest about our supposed civil rights ought to learn a little history. Giving judges the right to review a decision by a Home Secretary would have been a great leap forward to those liberties. Instead they are imprisoned in the judge's wig, and I cannot think of a worse place for an essentially political decision to be made.

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