Friday, February 25, 2005

A message

Dear Sam

I hope and pray that, wherever you are now, you are in place free from the trouble and the hurt, in a place where all that was best of you, your smile, your laugh, your easy friendship and caring heart, can flourish as they are meant to. I hope and pray that you will forgive those of us on earth, who did not see, and did not hear. Go in peace, and I hope, when my time is due, to see you there.

Through Christ our Lord

This afternoon I have learnt that yesterday Sam also took his own life. Depressed by the break-up of his relationship, on Wednesday night he had a great deal to drink, and in that place where rationality breaks down he hung himself in the early hours of Thursday morning.

I did not, in all honesty, know Sam well, but at this time I humbly ask for your thoughts and prayers for his mother, Sarah, who now for the second time in her life is mourning a child of hers.

The funeral is tentatively going to be on Friday. Tentatively because Sam had followed his father and my father (and brother) into the Royal Navy, and he will be having a military funeral. In his diary next week he was going to be playing basketball for his naval team. He still had much so much to give. He had just turned 21.

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