Monday, February 21, 2005

Illogical advice

Granted this is according to the BBC, but in advice given about the recent health scare involving a food contamination people are advised not to eat the products but not to panic because of the 'very low risk' of having one or two things effecting by this carcinogen actually effecting one's chances of getting cancer.

So, is it a risk or is it not? Surely gobbling the dye raw is bad, but we all regularly ingest plenty of carcinogens thanks to car-fumes I really don't see the point of this warning. After all, it was a contamination, not a usual ingredient.

Oh, and the FSA waitied for 2 weeks before doing anything about it apprently eleven days, having first received word of the problem on the 7th but waiting until the 18th before issuing warnings. You almost have to ask why bother, since I know I consumed one of the listed products before the warning was issued. It also raises the quite important issue of how to speed these things up though, because for whatever reason, if you consider something serious enough to issue product withdrawals 11 days is way too long a time.

The scary thing about some possible avenues of terrorism is that people in teh FSA are as much the first and only line of our defence as our sailors, soldiers, airmen. Heaven help us, for it is a certainty Whitehall bureaucracy won't.

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