Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Why live on a floodplain

Al over at Hear the Hurd notes in a post that people are almost always going to live in areas prone to natural disasters of some sort or other, and he is utterly unimpressed by those who demand governments do "something" about it.

I wonder, is the US government supposed to stop people living in San Francisco because it is on the San Andreas fault?

Also, the first human civilisations began on flood plains. There were reasons for that. Those are pretty much the same reasons humans still live on floodplains today. They had floods back then too. Big deal. If a flood is caused by a breaking dam, then there would most likely be a cause for compensation. But Mother Nature just dropping a bit of rain. There is a word for that sort of thing. Life. And no where that I know of is there a rule that says life is meant to be fair or pleasant.

Nature is the pretty flower or golden sunset. It is raging torrent and stately lava flow, it is the sweetness of fruit and the stink of sulpher, the singing of birds and the shaking of earth, the sound of laughter and the wailing of mourners. It is wonderful, and dreadful. I think our society is in danger of forgetting that what Nature gives it can also take away.

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