Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Well done Condi

I have to say that I was most heartened to hear Condoleeze Rice name Zimbabwe as "outpost of tyranny". The others so named were Cuba, Burma, North Korea, Iran, and Belarus. The BBC appears to have gotten its knickers in a twist (its is called Auntie after all) about it, the article I read darkly mused at the similarity to the "Axis of Evil". And then goes on to give prominence to a Zanu-PF denial. Is this the organisation that, during WW2, broadcast V for Victory into occupied Europe?

Perhaps I am a little harsh on the BBC, but listening to the Today Programme reporting today of the British prisoner abuse trial convinces me I am not. When they were saying there is no difference between the abuse those soldiers may have infliected (innocent until proven guilty after all) and Saddam Hussein's thugs, there is one rather large and unavoidable difference there were trying their best to hide. The soldiers so accused are being prosecuted in a fair trial. What could be more different from the processes of Hussein's Iraq? But I forgot, the BBC simply wishes for more British dead so it can print even more lurid and fantastical headines. And I no longer say that tongue in cheek.

And on a similar note since Taunton is a marginal Tory-LibDem seat, and therefore likely to be visited by Charles Kennedy in an election campaign, I am struggling to resist the temptation of keeping back a few eggs now so they will be really rotten by May, and therefore perfectly ripe for me to hurl at him.

But to end on a happy note, I was very impressed by what I read of Miss Rice's hearings, and she pissed off all the right people.

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