Wednesday, January 26, 2005

To join or not to join

About nine months or so ago I considered joining a union (UNISON) and decided against it. My chief difficulty in this was the political affiliation between the Labour Party and the union. My difficulty is that I simply find such affiliations unhealthy, and view them as being intrinsically corrupt. More importantly, I view them as harmful to both the unions and the Labour party (as a side-note I am similarly concerned by other formal or semi-formal links between other groups and other parties).

However, I am again considering the question of union membership. It would certainly bring advantages for really a very small financial drain. From a completely selfish perspective, there is no doubt what I should do. But this political affiliation thing keeps rearing its ugly head.

I'll have to mull it over some more. The union under consideration is still UNISON. However, I guess I'm more for joining now than I was nine months ago. As for what has changed, I'm honestly not sure. Perhaps its just the everyday experience of working in the NHS, perhaps its something else. Don't know. If I can work out the answer to that, then perhaps I'll be able to decide whether or not to join.

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