Friday, January 28, 2005

A thought on the confirmations

I've been reading about the confirmation battles for Rice and Gonzalez, mostly hoping that one day the Select Committees will have the sort of clout the senatorial committees seem to (I certainly think that there needs to be some sort of Parliamentary vetting for Cabinet ministers).

While I am very enthusiastic about Condi Rice, I must admit to being more concerned about Gonzalez. Something went wrong somewhere about Abu Ghraib, and I am concerned (though far from convinced) about possible responsibility and/or culpability on the part of Mr Gonzalez. However, by going after Condi Rice the way they have I think the Democrats have basically ensured that any criticism of Mr Gonzalez is lost in the partisan flamewar. If Condi had passed through quickly they would have been able to single out Gonzalez as being someone with whom they had a particular problem. But these indiscriminate tactics just mean there is so much muck lying around Gonzalez, if he has muck on his hands, doesn't really look so different from everyone else.

Perhaps all this was a pipe-dream anyway, but the chance of focusing that spotlight on Gonzalez is now gone, thanks to also attacking Rice.

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