Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The role of God in tragedy

I may, or more likely may not, develop this thought further, but the essense is as follows.

I sometimes feel that I have a quasi-mediaeval outlook on aspects of this world. However, that does not particularly extend to seeing natural events such as earthquakes as being a sign of God's punishment (NB: In a rather faux-mediaeval way I am open to the possibility that such things represent the Fallen state of the world, but it is not actually something I would go so far as to say I believe in). Nonetheless, for me it is blindingly obvious that God is present in these disasters. Not in the disasters themselves, but in the world's response so far.

So the earthquake has affirmed, not shaken, my faith in God, and also my faith in humanity. Why should we care about what happens half the world away? There is no real reason, and in times past it would not have mattered, we would have been unable to have done anything even if we were willing.

Just my basic thoughts

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