Thursday, January 20, 2005

Looking forward

As people probably know just about everyone who cares is expected a General Election over here in the UK on May 5th. Unless something truly earth-shattering occurs that prevents the vote I already which box I'm marking off for the national poll. I live in one of the seats the Tories picked up in 2001 from the Lib Dems (who picked it up from the Tories in 1997). It has a thin majority. As I have already indicated I really really disagree with Liberal Democrats at the moment, so my vote goes for the Tories.

However, if I had my own choice I would vote for a Blairite pro-war MP from the Labour Party. If s/he were anti-EU this would be a bonus, but I would ideally vote for even a pro-EU candidate with the other characteristics if I thought such a person had a hope in hell in this seat. This is not because I am particularly fond of the Labour Party, I am not, but I am equally unfond of the Tory Party as well. I also happen to consider the War on Terror and in Iraq to be the most important thing happening - more important than my dislike of the EU. Also I simply don't trust the Tories. Perhaps I would ideally do away with the NHS, but, and this is an important but, I know I am in a very small minority about that. In the meantime I think Labour at least have some plans on the table that have a chance of improving matters. What do the Tories have? Nothing really that I can see.

Unless I've gotten myself compeltely muddled I do think there are also County elections here this year, and I haven't yet decided which way I will go at that level.

Anyway, I'll just note that Anthony Wells is a really useful sight for considering UK political polling, and I highly recommend it. He really helps cut through some of the mystification of polls and their reporting. He is a Tory, but his reporting of the polls seems fairly level. In many ways he reminds me of Mark Blumenthal of Mystery Pollster.

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