Monday, January 31, 2005

Co-proxamol withdrawn

This sounds like an over-reaction. I mean, at some point we have to remember that risk is an every-day part of life. On that front I have a small suggestion. Last I recall hearing a figure approximately 3,500 people die each year on Britain's roads. If a drug, or other substance, can be proved to cause that many deaths a year then it should be withdrawn if it also provides substantial benefits. After all, we don't ban driving when in reality it is a far greater killer than many of the health scares. This would apply to other health-scares as well, like all the fuss over GM food.

Of course, HRT is known to greatly increase all sorts of risks for womens' health, yet it is still regularly prescribed, and no signs of that being withdrawn.

But that would expect something like logic and common sense from a government agency. Next thing that will happen is that they will ban Strepsils because someone might choke on them.

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