Thursday, January 27, 2005

An anecdote

To highlight a point I made below, I caught a taxi home last week. The driver and I initially discussed the weather - safe and traditional - and this morphed firstly into global warming and then for some reason he related to me at some length how he was suspicious because there were too many Scots in politics. Now, that is not so silly, at the top of British politics there are a large number of Scots or people who can be labelled as such (Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, and Charles Kennedy to name the 3 most notable). Not that I have a problem with this, but then the taxi driver went on. The man who really concerned him was Michael Howard, and the reason? Because he was Jewish. Fortunately we had reached my home by that point and I escaped without having to make much in the way of reply.

It's the first time I have come across anti-Semitism in person ever, I think (more accurately it may just be the first time I noticed it in person).

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