Thursday, December 16, 2004

A time for everything

I rarely find myself agreeing with the Scottish National Party, or their MPs, but on this occasion I'll wholeheartedly endorse this description of Geoff Hoon:

"Surely it's a massive betrayal of our brave soldiers whose bravery can be contrasted with the defence secretary who is nothing but a backstabbing coward."

In case you are wondering what this is about the Labour Government has once again demonstrated its complete ineptitude in dealing with members of the Armed Forces. Given that under this government British forces are now deployed more widely and actively since Demobilisation at the end of WW2 you might hope it would demonstrate a little more loyalty. Bollocks to that.

The quote by the Army's Chief of General Staff is very revealing:

"We have inevitably had to make some tough choices to keep within the resources allocated."

I'm against violence as a general rule, but for Gordon Brown I could oh so easily make an exception.

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