Tuesday, December 07, 2004

A shortage of Radiologists

Daniel Drezner has an interesting post on a possible shortage of radiologists in the US, and an outsourcing mething of dealing with it.

He asks about the shortage, and from my experience of working in a UK hospital I can well believe it. It all comes down to advancing technology and time-lag.

The advancing technology is easy. Scanning technology has advanced leaps and bounds. The venerable X-Ray has joined forces with CT (or CAT), MRI, and ultrasound, to name just three of the most common. Not only that, but the uses of scans have changed. These days various procedures are guided by the scanners (CT guided biopsies, for example). All this sucks up radiologists' time.

But there is a lack. There is new demand, it takes time for extra supply to develop. Demand is still growing however, so until supply catches up or demand slows down there is shortage.Of course, in some more rural areas there tend to be greater supply problems because of ordinary economics.

All that is anecdotal, but seems reasonable to me.

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