Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Reasonable Force

DM Andy comments on my post below about the news Sir John Stevens is backing a clearer right of self defence. He says:

The current law is that householders can use reasonable force to defend themselves against intruders, I think that's a good balance. Remember Tony Martin lied about his story, that's why he was convicted of murder.

Dave Kopel (guest-blogging at GlennReynolds.com) pretty much gives my answer, and he says it better than I could.

But I basically have one problem with the attitude about "reasonable" force. What is so reasonable about burglars breaking into my home? Why do they deserve to be treated "reasonably" at all? To paraphrase a nasty term, the only good burglar is a dead burglar. Unreasonable of me? Perhaps, but I doubt dead burglars are in the habit of re-offending.

I must sound horribly Neanderthal, but I'm afraid that is just the way I feel.

Incidentall, DM Andy has his own blog here. It turns out he lives in Yeovil, also in Somerset. Not too far away, unless you have to rely on public transport when it becomes a distant object, harder to get to than London (and probably about as long time-wise).

It looks like he's a chappie involved in Unison. I did consider for a time joining Unison, but for various reasons opted not to. He also is involved in the NHS in some way - via Unison I think. Also it is quickly apparent that we appear to be pretty much on opposite sides of the political spectrum - insofar as he is a member of the Labour Party and I'm mostly swimming somewhere to the right of the Tories (but hey, it's a wide pool). But he sounds a pretty cool bloke. Plus he's a roleplayer. That's all to the good.

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