Wednesday, December 22, 2004


I came across this very interesting article in The Times on the destruction of Christmas via Natalie Solent. The writer, one Anthony Browne, Natalie informs us is an athiest. That makes the following line very interesing:

Christianity has gone back to its origins, and become the world’s most widely persecuted religion

I am not quite sure I would go that far, but I do thing that Christianity is becoming persecuted once again. And I must say that, simply from a narrow Christian point of view, I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing. Christianity is, in many ways, at its strongest when it is persecuted. Of course, from a wider perspective in society, I entirely agree with the writer of the article, such a persecution will end up being more harmful.

The emotion most associated with Christmas in my mind is hope. Alas, I don't really have much hope that society will work this one out.

Mmm, I just thought of a parallel between what the ACLU and others are trying to do and what Robespierre attempted to do with religion in 1793. But too tired to explore it. Perhaps if I read this tomorrow I'll remember.

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