Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Blair in Baghdad

I don't really have much to say about this. I have a whole list of reasons why I don't like Tony Blair, foreign and domestic. But in the final reckoning, all my grievances against him pale in comparison to the thing that he gets right. Part of his response to a question my Andrew Marr of the BBC:

And I will also say this to you, there are people dying in Iraq but the reason people are dying is because of the terrorism and the intimidation and the people who are deliberately killing anyone trying to make this country better.

Now what should our response be as an international community? Our response should be to stand alongside the democrats - the people who've got the courage to see this thing through - and help them see it through. I've got no doubt at all that that is the right thing for us to do.

And this is part of his response to a qusetion by Nick Robison of ITV:

And where should the rest of the world stand? To say, well that's your problem, go and look after it, or you're better off with Saddam Hussein running the country - as if the only choice they should have in the world is a choice between a brutal dictator killing hundreds of thousands of people or terrorists and insurgents.

Indeed. BBC transcript here

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