Sunday, November 14, 2004

Tony Blair a neo-con

Professor Bainbridge links to an article in the Economist that holds the view that Tony Blair is a neo-con. Unfortunately the article itself requires a paid subscription, but I think the following paragraph is the meat of it:

The awful truth is that Mr Blair goes along with these ideas not because it's expedient, but because he believes them. It's no wonder that he feels comfortable with Mr Bush and more appreciated in Washington than at home. It's also not surprising that his neo-con passion strikes fear into Labour, while Conservatives of the non-neo sort look on with incredulity.

A Labour Prime Minister who is interesting in spreading democracy in the world - why should that be so surprising however? One often under-appreciated fact is that it was the Labour Party in 1940 that was instrumental in backing Winston Churchill, and indeed that really for the entire war large parts of the Conservative Party held great reservations about Winston. For his earliest speeches as PM it was the LAbour benches that cheered the loudest. When did "old Labour" - the wing of the Party that sees itself as the guardian of Labour tradition - decide to break faith with their forebears of 1940?

One other quote from the article, from Tony Blair himself:

“When the Americans say we want to extend...democracy and human rights throughout the Middle East... people say, well, that is part of the neo-conservative agenda. Actually, if you put it in different language, it is a progressive agenda.”

Are you listening Howard Dean?

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