Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Thoughts on the night

All in all a very enjoyable night. These are my random thoughts.

1) American talking heads have no stamina. UK elections keep on going until 4am in the morning, even later if close like in 1992. People started to complain on FoxNews before national polling had finished in Alaska that it was getting late. Honestly, I was up from 6am EST, and these people are getting paid for it. Credit to the reporters on the ground, who at most seem to have a caught a few hours roughly when I did.

2) Florida wasn't close. This was my personal prediction, and I think with a 5% margin I can feel pretty good about that.

3) Turnout. It UK elections we have figures published for turnout when the results come in. This does not seem to the be the case, at least on the big sites, in the US. I find this moderately irritating.

4) You yanks need a swingometer. There are just so many uses for it. National level, state level, House races, senate races, presidential race. Get the licence from the BBC and have lots of fun. Generally I think BBC UK elections graphics are far better than US election graphics.

5) And while I was writing this Kerry has conceded according to the AP. All credit to him.

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