Thursday, November 04, 2004

A thought from the Primaries, and a thought on the 50/50 nation

I just remembered this line that popped up sometime during the Democratic Primaries, after it started to look like Kerry was going to get the nomination:

Dated Dean
Married Kerry
Woke up with Bush

In some respects I think that basically encapsulates the last 12 months of American politics.

Also, I have heard and read a great deal about divided America and what-not. I say rubbish. This is just politics, and that's nothing new. People will always be divided over politics. There will always be rural-urban divides (when, precisely, have there not been). You have a two-party system that is almost bound to divide the country into two. However, when it mattered most, after even more divisive election than this one will be, Americans pulled together in a moment of national tragedy. It is a sign if American strength and vitality that the memory of 9/11 is removed enough to allow this sort of domestic political bickering to come to the fore.

Just my ha'penny.

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