Sunday, November 14, 2004

More links

One of the nice things about the last 2-3 months is that I've come to know several blogs far better, and for the moment anyway they are on my regular reading list. Chief among these must be Mystery Pollster (who only started a month or so ago) and Hugh Hewitt. Ann Althouse deserves an honourable mention.

I have also finally put up my rather limited list of regular British blogs. I am attempted to find more British blogs of interest to me given that we may well be having a genearl election in six months time, but I must say that I am genearlly underwhelmed by most British blogging I've stumbled across. What I think appears to be missing is a British equivalent of Powerline or the Volokh Conspiracy. Samizdata comes closest, but simply is not of the same quality.

Now it might simply be that I have thus far failed to find what I am looking for, that I have not looked in the right place, or a number of simple reasons. However, I think part of the problem is the apparent lack of any equivalent in the UK of the blawgosphere. Basically people in law tend to be intelligent people who can offer intelligent insights on the world. Get them interacting with each and some very interesting discussions are had. Alas.

Of the UK blogs the one I think most highly of is Anthony Wells, who does an excellent job looking at UK polls. Some of the people there are Tory, some Labour. Norman Geras is a Marxist, but don't let that put you off. This post on Arafat illustrates one reason why I read him, in addition to his intelligence and occasional cricket related posts.

NB: Rensslaer - this is incidentally one reason why a flood of Democrats doesn't particulary bother me. They have about as much in common with socialism as the Tory Party. Methinks they would find true socialists something of an eye-opener.

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