Sunday, November 07, 2004

A Jacksonian vote?

For perhaps the last year or so I have been somewhat interested by the figure and presidency of Andrew Jackson. He strikes me as being one of these really interesting individuals who really change the world in which they live. Thus I was interested in this TCS article by James Pinkterton, who makes a credible argument, I think, that there is a definite Jacksonian element to Bush's win on Tuesday (and presumably four years ago - though 2000 was an interesting inversion of Jackson's 1824 election). I am not quite sure how far I go with his argument, and I am certainly noy in a position to judge some of the details, but I thought it was interesting. On one level it is just repeating most of the common post-election wisdom: the disconnect between the New England/West Coast Democratic Party and "flyover country" (which strikes me as being a rather abusive, and revealing, term).

In particular he raises some possibile future problems for the Bush Presidency / the Republican Party. Certainly they are interesting issues, and others too have raised them (mostly from the left). The final two sentances I thought I'd quote, since they perfectly describes the current political situations for both parties, as I see it.

So amidst their post-election euphoria, Republicans have cause for concern as they look ahead. On the other hand, the Democrats, as they look around today, have cause for immediate panic.

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