Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Giving credit

where credit is due. To John Kerry. I am sure it must have been tempting to try and drag it out, to cast a shadow over the entire process. But this man did not do that. He took to the stage, and bowed out with a clearly heartfelt speech. I have always reacted badly to Senator Kerry, and I know my opinions will be changed in light of the Bush victory, but this time I actually noticed what he said. He spoke with passion and meaning - the fact that he cared was obvious, that he really was saying what he meant.

He even showed a little humour "sorry we're late, and a little short" I think was his opening line. It must have been a hellish speech to think about, to compose, to give, but he did so and did so well. I think he has put country now before party, and deserves honour and respect for that.

In other words, my estimation of John Kerry has risen significantly.

Edwards on the other hand was running for 2008, and my respect for him has now lowered several notches.

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