Thursday, November 18, 2004

Fox-hunting banned

Well, it has finally happened. The Speaker of the House of Commons, Michael Martin, has finally invoked the Parliament Act and forced the thing through. Of minor legislative interest the Lords rejected the Commons amendment that would have put off the date of actual banning back to 2006. Instead, from February, hunting will be illegal. The Lords have basically ensured that this will be an issue in the next election, and that people will probably be getting arrested at the time of the election campaign. That could be interesting, but outside of rural seats probably have no impact.

Now the court challenges begin. Actually, on one level this irritates me. It is a sign of creeping constitutionalism of the American kind. I have a great deal of difficulty entrusting my faith of government to a bunch of people who lived 200+ years ago. I have even more trouble trust my faith in government to a bunch of European politicians and bureaucrats, a bunch of parasites and fungal spores whose is microscopic compared to those men who did thrash out the US Constitution. I don't personally think the legal options will amount to much however, though I don't have anything upon which to base that.

More interesting is what kind of protests can we expect between now and when the ban itself comes into force (when some fairly blatant civil disobedience is probably going to happen). Next week, unless I've completely gotten things mixed up, is the next Parliamentary session, and the Queen's speech. I'm almost expected the Fathers4Justice group to have a presence there since that would be their style, but for some of the more activist pro-hunters how about loosing a set of hunting hounds?

And you always have to wonder at something like the Queen's speech whether a terrorist group would try something.

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