Thursday, November 11, 2004

EU Constitution: Lithuania ratifies

And just a note marking something completely different, today Lithuania has become the first nation to ratify the EU Constitution in a parliamentary vote. Even though I hope the whole thing falls through, I think it is a good sign when one of the newest members is the first to do something like this.

Incidentally this map shows which countries are going to hold referenda on the Constitution and which are currently going for Parliamentary ratification (the odd one out is Germany where a debate is still taking place). It is exceedingly unlikely any of latter group will reject the treaty, so the attention is mostly focused on the countries holding referenda. Spain is the first, and one of the most likely to ratify it - the date is set for 20th February next year. Particular attention will of course be paid to Ireland, Denmark, France and the UK. Ireland and Denmark have both voted against EU treaties in the past, France only passes Maastricht by a very narrow margin, and the UK is widely though to be the most Euroskeptical country in the 25.

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