Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election coverage

Just another randomn thought on a UK-US difference (or perhaps similarity?) in the election coverages. Yes I know it is a little early, but this is relevant.

In the UK polls close at 2200, and election coverage usually starts at 2100 or 2130. The US election coverage (of both CNN and Fox anyway - the two options I have) start at midnight my time, though in fact the first polls close at 2300 my time. In 2001 I stayed up till about 0400 in the morning, in 2000 I stayed up later, but that was mostly Florida.

So what am I saying? That in all likelihood I will be up as late to watch the UK election (whenever it happens) as I will be tonight watching the US election. Somehow, with time differences and everything, that sounds wacky, but it nonetheless seems pretty much accurate. Go figure.

Edit: I also have the chance to watch the BBC's coverage, which starts at 2355. I might flip over there some time just for the sake of variety if nothing else. Besides, perhaps they'll set up a swingometer, which is one election graphic that is tailor-made for US elections but noticeably absent in 2000 and 2002.

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