Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Choosing channels

OK, I made a mistake beneath. I have more than Fox and CNN to choose from. So, here's the total list.

Sky News (UK Digital Channel, I don't watch, but might flip to see UK/US differrences in coverage)
ITV News (UK terrestial channel, I don't (and won't) watch their news coverage)
BBC News (I watch for UK elections, I'll flip if only to see if/how they differ from their American cousins)

CNBC Europe (This turns into either NBC or MSNBC - I assume the latter - at about midnight)

Thinking about it I will begin using CNN as my "main" channel, occasionally checking in on Fox, and BBC/Sky possibly as well. I may well switch to MSNBC after midnight if CNN irritates me.

On the net I think I mostly going to rely on CNN - I like the layout of their election page more than others I have examined.

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