Thursday, October 14, 2004

A short note

Yesterday I received news that my brother, who has been away on his first deployment in the Royal Navy, will be coming alongside tomorrow. This makes me very happy for entirely obvious reasons, and I just hope he's alright.

In other news my cousin has recently gone on overseas deployment to one of the many places where British troops are stationed (he is in the army, and it's not Iraq). About the time my brother sailed I posted "Eternal Father strong to save". I simply don't know an equivalent army hymn, but whatever you're doing right now K, good luck (not that he even knows of the existence of this blog).

And finally, my father, who also happens to be deployed overseas (again not Iraq) has found himself serving with someone who used to live in the village where I grew up while we were there. Several thousands miles away, it's a small small world.

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